Talladega Superspeedway – Post Race Report


No. 19 Race Recap

Tyler Reddick (@TylerReddick) benefitted from the green-white-checkered overtime finish to place fifth in the fred’s 250 Saturday afternoon at Talladega (Ala.) Superspeedway.
The driver of the Stoney Creek Records Ford F-150 grabbed his 10th top five in 19 races this season and moved up to second place in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series championship standings, 18 points behind the leader.  Reddick claimed his second top five in two Talladega starts and has three top fives in four career restrictor plate races.
Tyler qualified 15th and while he did a good job of patiently working the bottom lane in the draft, he couldn’t get the needed track position for much of the race.
He was running 14th at the time of the first caution on lap 13.  One lap later he pitted for fuel only. Speedy service by the Stoney Creek Records team moved him up to fifth place when the race restarted on lap 18.
Tyler stayed inside the top 10 during the following green flag run.  The second yellow slowed the race on lap 37.  Reddick pitted on lap 40 for right-side tires and fuel and lined up ninth when the race went green on lap 43.
He ran just outside the top 10 for the majority of the next run.  With help from spotter TJ Majors, Tyler moved up to the outside lane on lap 67.  The switch appeared to work as Reddick pushed his way inside the top 10 just before the final round of green flag pit stops began at lap 70.
Reddick made his final stop under green on lap 77 for fuel and left-side tires.  He was running 10th when the third caution slowed the race on lap 82 and lined up eighth when the race went green two laps later.  Tyler was running 11th at the time of the fourth caution on lap 87 and remained there when the green waved on lap 90.
He was running in the lead draft when a multiple truck accident happened all around him down the backstretch on lap 93 but the driver of the Broken Bow Records Ford F-150 cleanly made it through the incident.
Tyler lined up 10th in the outside lane for the final restart on lap 97. At the drop of the green flag, the outside line appeared to have momentum.  Midway down the backstretch Spencer Gallagher and John Wes Townley slid into the outside wall as they challenged Timothy Peters for the lead.
Trucks immediately began darting as drivers took evasive action to avoid getting caught up in the incident.  Reddick again was able to cleanly pick his way around the accident and was rewarded with a fifth place finish as the race finished under caution.

Tyler Reddick – No. 19 Stoney Creek Records Ford F-150:

 “That wasn’t bad at all for the Stoney Creek Records team.  The outside lane went on the final restart.  Everyone worked together and then it just fell apart in a real hurry down the backstretch and it brought the caution out and ended the race.  I’m really proud of our guys on pit road because they didn’t make any mistakes.  I thought our team did one heck of a job.  It’s a shame we couldn’t gain more points than what we did, but we’re still right there to apply pressure on Erik Jones.  The game plan we had coming into this race hasn’t changed and that’s to win races.”

Doug Randolph – Crew Chief, No. Stoney Creek Records Ford F-150“We wanted to do a little better than that – just never really had track position all day.  Things just didn’t go our way for the track position.  We were there for a minute or two but never really could maintain it.  Our guys on the Stoney Creek Records team fought back.  Tyler and our spotter TJ Majors did a great job.  If they had raced the last lap I think we had a really good shot with the run that we had but if we had run more laps we might have been torn up in a smoldering heap.  We’ll take it and move forward.”

No. 29 Race Recap

An empty fuel cell robbed Brian Keselowski of a chance to win the fred’s 250 Saturday afternoon at Talladega (Ala.) Superspeedway.
Keselowski (@KeselowskiBrian) was subbing for injured driver Austin Theriault and was in position to pull off a stunning upset at the 2.66-mile superspeedway.  Brian lined up third for the green-white checkered dash to the finish but ran out of fuel on lap 96 before taking the green flag.  He was able to coast to pit road for a splash of gas to make it to the checkered flag but any chance of a good finish was gone.  He was credited with 17th-place in the final rundown.
But the final finishing position doesn’t tell the story of how well the driver of the Cooper Standard Ford F-150 performed at Talladega.  Keselowski did a solid job in practice Friday and qualified well Saturday morning, earning the 11th-place starting position.  He was running 10th in the lead draft when he made his first pit stop of the day on lap 14 during the first caution period but was penalized for speeding while exiting the pit lane.
Keselowski restarted 31st when the race went green on lap 18 and he promptly went to work climbing back through the field.  Brian had patiently worked his way up to 14th at the time of the second yellow on lap 37.  He pitted for fuel only on lap 40 and fast pit work by the Cooper Standard team moved him up to sixth place when the race went green on lap 43.
From there Keselowski ran at the front of the lead draft until the closing laps of the race.  He moved up to third by lap 47 and picked off second place on lap 67.  A round of green flag pit stops for the leaders began at the 70-lap mark.  On lap 73 Keselowski made his scheduled stop for fuel only.  Excellent pit work put Keselowski into the lead on lap 80 when the cycle of stops were complete.
He held the lead for the next 10 laps and through two caution periods.  The third yellow slowed the race on lap 82 but Brian responded with a strong restart on lap 84 to keep the lead.  The race was slowed three laps later by the fourth caution and the restart on lap 89 wasn’t kind to Keselowski – in large part due to the huge push Christopher Bell gave Brandon Jones, a move that drew a penalty from NASCAR officials on lap 91.
Keselowski was shuffled back to third but appeared to catch a break on lap 93 in the form of the fifth caution.  A multiple truck accident on the backstretch was the reason for the yellow (NASCAR also red flagged the race for 14 minutes for track cleanup), setting up a green-white-checkered finish.
Keselowski lined up third for the restart but didn’t make it to the green flag.  His truck slowed off Turn 2 and dropped to the apron of track, the victim of a dry fuel tank.  He was able to coast back to the pit lane for a badly needed splash of gas to finish the race.

Brian Keselowski – No. 29 Cooper Standard Ford F-150:

“I’m really proud of how we ran in the Cooper Standard Ford F-150.  We ran out of gas under caution coming to the green, so that’s just the way luck goes sometimes.  We didn’t expect to get the fuel mileage we did when we were out there leading.  When we were out there in the pack I could roll off the gas and save gas a lot, and when we got out front we just had terrible fuel mileage.  That’s just the way it is in this pack-type racing.  Anyone that’s out in front is going to be on the throttle the whole time and everybody else is part throttle trying to save.  We missed it by two laps.  If we hadn’t had a green-white-checkered, we would have been OK.”

Chad Kendrick – Crew Chief, No. 29 Cooper Standard Ford F-150:

HOW BIG WAS IT TO CATCH THAT CAUTION WHILE LEADING THE RACE? “We were hoping for that caution. If not we were going to go as far as we could and then do two tires and one can of fuel. Everyone else had taken four tires. We were hoping to get Austin back in the top 10. It worked out perfectly for our Cooper Standard team.”