Iowa Speedway Post-Race Report





Tyler Reddick

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Tyler Reddick (@tylerredick), driver of the No. 19 Broken Bow Records Ford F-150, scored a ninth place finish in the American Ethanol 200 Friday night at Iowa Speedway. Reddick claimed his second top 10 finish in six starts this season.

Tyler started 16th in the 36 truck field. During the opening segment of the race, Reddick held on to a loose handling truck. He pitted for four tires and adjustments during the first caution of the race on lap 41.

Reddick restarted 14th when the race went green on lap 45. He held his own during the early part of the run, hovering just outside the top 10 but as the laps ticked off the handling characteristics on his truck began to improve. On lap 111, he moved up to 10th position where he was running when the fourth and final caution slowed the race on lap 127.

Reddick hit pit road one lap later for four tires. Good pit work by the team moved him up to seventh place when the race went green on lap 131. Reddick did a solid job during the final 69 laps, taking the checkered flag in ninth place, his second top 10 in his last four series starts.

Tyler Reddick – No. 19 Broken Bow Records Ford F-150: “I learned a lot. The Broken Bow Records Ford F-150 was okay at first but I had to adjust on it a little bit. I tried my very best to tell the guys what it needed to make it better. For the middle run there it felt great. We ended up being too tight at the end of the race but we still had a good run and got a top 10 out of it. It was interesting to use that draft to my advantage and watch it used against me as well. Dirty air plays a huge role in truck racing.”

WAS IT A BIG BOOST OF CONFIDENCE TO RUN WELL HERE TONIGHT? “I would have felt better with a top five but it’s still a good boost. We brought it home in one piece, learned a lot and we have something to go off of now. It’s a positive to take it back with both sides and all four corners still on it.”

Doug Randolph – Crew Chief, No. 19 Broken Bow Records Ford F-150: “It was a good night and everything went smoothly. Tyler and all the guys on pit road did a great job. It was a good solid team effort and we definitely can’t complain about anything. We could have finished easily fifth with a little bit better track position. I really thought we had a shot at the end of the race with an extra set of tires to make something happen. It just seems like every race this year at the end of the race we’re hoping for a caution that doesn’t come. We’ll take it, keep learning and move forward.”

HOW IMPORTANT WAS RUNNING WELL TONIGHT FOR TYLER’S CONFIDENCE? “With young drivers it’s all about gaining confidence and you can’t magically turn on a spigot and have it. It’s baby steps. Tyler never made a mistake from the racetrack to pit road and I think that will head him down the right path.”



Ryan Blaney

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Ryan Blaney (@RyanBlaney22), driver of the No. 29 Cooper Standard Ford F-150, scored a third place finish in Thursday night’s UNOH 225 at Kentucky Speedway. Blaney claimed his fourth top five in eight races this season and climbed up to fourth in the NCWTS championship standings, 12 points behind the leader. He claimed his second top five finish in three races at Kentucky.

Blaney started 10th and had his hands full early in the race with the handling characteristics on his No. 29 Cooper Standard Ford F-150. But he and crew chief Chad Kendrick worked together and steadily improved the truck during the 150-lap race. The team made great improvements with every adjustment, coupled with good work on pit road Blaney was in contention for the victory.

As the race entered its closing stages Blaney was running a strong second when the sixth and final caution came out on lap 140. When the race went green on lap 143, Blaney was stacked three wide on the restart but quickly recovered to finish third.

Ryan Blaney – No. 29 Cooper Standard Ford F-150:
“I felt like we could have run second but the 54 made it three-wide on that restart.  We got the Cooper Standard Ford F-150 a ton better throughout the race.  We weren’t very good in the beginning and Chad Kendrick and everyone here at BKR did a great job getting it better.  Our guys did a good job of getting it better and getting us track position and we had great stops.  I think we gained at least one or two spots on pit road all night and that was really beneficial.  You could tell how important track position was.  It was really hard to make your way up through the field unless you had a really, really fast truck.  It was great to have the Careers for Veterans back on board and it was good to get them a good finish.  We’re really happy that they’re on board and for all they do. We’ll keep working on it.”

Chad Kendrick – Crew Chief, No. 29 Cooper Standard Ford F-150: ”We started the race and we just weren’t where we needed to be balance-wise.  We were too free in and too tight in the middle.  We came up with some really good ideas on the first stop to help it and then the next stop we came up with more ideas and we helped it again.  All in all it was a good team effort.  Ryan did a really good job hanging in there for us and we did a good job as a team executing pit stops and making good changes.  We gained on everybody we needed to gain on in the points and that’s what we needed to do.”